Nimrod Novik, Marc Zell and Sheldon Schorer, 2015 Israel Election Special Pre-Election

This show features extensive recent interviews prior to the 2015 Israeli Elections. It features opinions on both candidates for Prime Minister of Israel and the future direction of the State Of Israel. Dr. Nimrod Novik is chairman of the executive board of the Economic Cooperation Foundation. He is a former Middle East envoy for then-prime minister Shimon Peres. Novik is Senior Vice President of the Merhav Group of Companies where he is responsible for corporate and government relations worldwide as well as for projects in the Middle East. In this latter capacity he was responsible for the development, finance and construction of the $ 1.3 billion MIDOR petroleum refinery in Egypt, the largest Arab-Israeli joint venture today. Marc Zell is a Washington, DC born attorney, currently based in Israel, Zell is the Worldwide VP of Republicans Overseas & Co-Chair Republicans Abroad Israel. Sheldon Shorer is an attorney who practices in Israel and New York, and has served Democrats Abroad Israel since 1988, in the capacities of Chairman and Counsel. Originally Broadcast: March 15, 2015
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