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"BDC: the Price of Peace" won a New York Emmy@ Awards (March 30, 2014)

"Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace" inspired by Leon Charney won a New York Emmy Award for outstanding documentary.  

BDC NY Premiere (2011)

"Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace" premiered in New York at The Elinor Bunin Muroe Film Center Licoln Center.  

Camp David Peace Accords

Meetings and Negotiation in 1978-1979

Leon Charney acted as the "back door channel" advisor between Israel and the United States during the Camp David Peace Accords' negotiation.

On a Mission

Freeing Soviet Jewish dissidents (1975)

Working with Senator Vance Hartke and with the support of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, Leon Charney committed to help free Soviet Jewish dissidents. And as result, thousands of Jews were able to emigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel.

Yom Kippur War (1973)

Reporting from Israeli Army's front line in Syria and Egypt

Carlos (1971)

Carlos a classic German Western film with Gottfried John, Anna Karina, Geraldina Chaplin and Leon Charney.

Politicians  (1972 - 1996)

Leon Charney met up and worked with many polititians in his journey as freedom flighter.

Entertainers (1969 - 1980)

Leon Charney was well-known as entertainment lawyer and represented many stars in his early career.