Israeli Palestinian Peace Talk Special 7: Wallach, al-Omari, Dayan and more

This is the seventh and final episode in the Israeli - Palestinian Issue series on Leon Charney Report featuring John Wallach, Yigal Schleifer, David Margolick, Ali Abu Awwad, Robi Demelin, Ezzeldeen Masri, Nathaniel Laor, Sapir Handelman, Ghath al-Omari, Hessein Ibish, Yossi Ben-Artzi and Yeal Dayan. This is a combination of shows which features panel discussion on different views of ways to make peace conducted by Leon Charney. The original programs were given updates from interviews done during the Summer of 2013 and as late as May 2014. Broadcast Date: August 24 and May 18, 2014 With Interviews from March 3, 2002 and September 23, 2007
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