Israeli Palestinian Peace Talk Special 6: Yeshiva Forum

This program is the sixth in the series of Charney Reports on the Israeli-Palestinian Situation with Shibley Telhami, Brian Daves, Avraham Sela, Dennis Ross. It was a panel discussion of Middle East Peace in front of a live audience at Yeshiva University.  It was moderated by Leon Charney and featured Shibley Telhami, Brian Daves, Avraham Sela and Dennis Ross. Ghaith Al-Omari, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Arye Naor, Hussein Ibish, Yossi Ben-Artzi and Yael Dayan were all interviewed in the Summer of 2013 for The Leon Charney Report. Broadcast Date: August 17 and May 11, 2014 with interviews from April 27, 2006
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