Minrod Novik, Yair Hirschfeld, Israela Oron, Ephram Katzir and more, 2014 Special: Economic Cooperation Foundation

This program is a compilation of old and new Leon Charney Reports. It begins with and interview Leon Charney conducted with Dr. Yair Hirschfeld that aired on February 20th, 1994 regarding Hirschfeld’s participation in Camp David 2. It then focuses on a round table discussion of the Economic Cooperation Foundation with Boaz Karnim, Dov Sedaka, Ron Schatzber and Israela Oron, which is a think tank concentrating on the peace process. The show concludes with Leon Charney’s interview with former Israeli President Ephriam Katzir that aired on November 4, 1990. Originally Broadcast: October 5, 2014 Featuring content from: February 20, 1994 and November 04, 1990
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