Sport Broadcaster Special: Dick Schaap and Bill Mazer

In this episode, Leon Charney interviews the game changer in sports broadcasting. Dick Schaap (September 27, 1934- December 21, 2001) was an American sportswriter, broadcaster, and author. Fed up with the grandiose and self-important nature of the National Football League's championship match, he hired two Los Angeles Rams players, Fred Dryer and Lance Rentzel, to cover Super Bowl IX. Donning costumes inspired by The Front Page, "Scoops Brannigan" (Dryer) and "Cubby O'Switzer" (Rentzel) peppered players and coaches from both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings with questions that ranged from clichéd to downright absurd. Bill Mazer (November 2, 1920 -- October 23, 2013) was an American television and radio personality. He is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, including three National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association's Sportscaster of the Year awards for New York from 1964--66. He wrote several sports trivia books. He is also recognized as the host of the first sports talk radio show in history that launched in March of 1964 on WNBC. Aired: December 01, 2013 Original footage from February 22, 2004 (Dick Schaap interview) & September 6, 2001 (Bill Mazer Interview)
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