David Hartman ’98 [Jerusalem]

Rabbi Hartman was one of the few Orthodox voices that attempted to articulate a Jewish theology that squared a religious particularism to the circle of moral universalism. The personal tragedy of Rabbi Hartman was that he succeeded so profoundly. In South Jerusalem he found a community that would listen, and he transformed it into the humming hub of liberal Judaism that it is today. Excerpts from the interview with Leon Charney: ...We use external symbols... the menorah, Hatikvah song, Hebrew. Oh, those are nice things, but they are not depth. They are not things that build character. They are not things that build the soul of a nation. We are looking for our soul and we need to find ways in which our people could bring us back to the Jewish tradition. Rerun: December 15, 2013 Original Broadcast Date: August 9, 1998
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