This Sunday 7/05 on NYCTV Life & JLTV: A classic interview with Peter Malkin, Author of the book “Eichmann in My Hands”, and a secret agent who was part of the team that captured Adolph Eichmann (the architect of Holocaust). This episode first aired 1996 dedicates to the 70th anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz coming up; and on WMBC TV: RECENT INTERVIEW with Robert (Reuven) Geffen, who translated the book ‘The Story of an Underground, combined with a historical interview from 2004 with Ron Rosenbaum, Journalist who edited the book “Those Who Forget the Past”. MORE
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Leon Charney is more than a highly regarded broadcaster, he is also renowned as a lawyer, author, real estate mogul, political advisor and philanthropist. From humble beginnings as the child of immigrant parents, Charney’s rise to international prominence is truly a classic tale of a man living out the “American Dream.” MORE


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Sun 7/5 5pm @WMBCTV ch63: Tune in for Reuven Geffen, author of a book on the Jewish resistance fighters of Lithuania

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