This Sunday 8/30 on NYCTV Life & JLTVNEW EPISODE Consulate General of Israel in New York with Ido Aharoni talks about the recent nuclear deal with Iran and Professor Kalman Neuman, Israel Democracy Institute about the current state of affairs of Israel; and on WMBC TVNEW SEGMENT with Uri Marinov, Environmental Management Specialist on the world’s environment and what can be done about it for the future and in combination with classic interview from 2004 with Knesset member Tzipi Livni who just become a member of Sharon government talking about the issues and problem facing Israel. MORE
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Leon Charney is more than a highly regarded broadcaster, he is also renowned as a lawyer, author, real estate mogul, political advisor and philanthropist. From humble beginnings as the child of immigrant parents, Charney’s rise to international prominence is truly a classic tale of a man living out the “American Dream.” MORE


Every week we will add a new video of last aired episode. Please go to Watch Page to see all the available videos online. And the audio version of the show is available via podcast. MORE


Sun 8/30 4pm @nyc_media ch25: Watch the Israeli update w/ Ido Aharoni and Kalman Neuman incl. the nuclear deal w Iran

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