As a philanthropist, Charney is the major benefactor of the University of Haifa’s Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences and a donor of NYU Medical Center. But also a friend and supporter of many other organizations. Below a list of a few organizations in alphabetic order.

American Society of University of Haifa

web - ASUH
Partner website:
News (2013.07.19): Launch of New Mediterranean Sea Research Center Celebrated at New York Reception
News (2012.10.16): ASUH thanks outgoing president Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

Asian Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation

web - APECF
Partner website:
Leon Charney: Co-Chairman
News (2013.04.25): APECF delegation visited the United States upon invitation

Brooklyn Law School

web - Brooklyn law School
Partner website:
Leon Charney: Friend of Law School

Cardozo Law, Yeshiva University

web - Cardozo law
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Leon Charney: Board of Overseers

Leon Charney Resolution Center at EMIS in Israel

Partner website:
Leon Charney: Founder

Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences

web- School of Marine Sciences
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Leon Charney: Donor and Chairman of the Board of Governors

Leon H. Charney School Division of Cardiology

web - NYC Langone
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Leon Charney: Supporter & Honoree


Bio Press

“Leon Charney’s rise to international prominence is a classic ‘American Dream’ Story.” – Bloomberg Businessweek

“Leon Charney is not your ordinary billionaire – he used his talent as a vocalist to pay his way through law school, parlayed his law career into political work and ended up in New York's Times Square as a real estate maven.” –

"Leon Charney is one of the brightest people I know. Part of what he is brilliant about is government. He was in government. He has studied government. He knows how difficult it is to make government efficient.” – Former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo

“Leon Charney is one of the unsung heroes of the Middle East peace process … Very few people have played as significant a role.” – President Jimmy Carter

Leon Charney is talented in so many ways. He is an intellect, a strategist [and] a tremendous journalist. He asks great probing questions.” – Congressman Gary Ackerman

"…Leon Charney practically jump-started the final round of talks. The Film Back Door Channels reminds us what it takes to resolve the seemingly unresolvable"– New York Times